Little Big Planet’s Sackboy Returns Safely from Space

The stunt was created to mimic that of Felix Baumgartner

The Australian division of Sony has made video game space history by taking a Sackboy figure, the mascot of the Little Big Planet universe, and then putting in a weather balloon which took it up to 95,000 feet (close to 29 kilometers) before dropping it in order to gently return it to the ground.

Sackboy was attacked to a meteorological balloon that is slightly bigger than 9 meters which was then fitted with cameras, a Global Positioning System terminal and a wireless transmission system.

Then the balloon was inflated and sent up as far as it could go before popping.

West Wyalong was the site of the launch and after climbing fast the Sackboy reached the record altitude for a video game character and then dropped to the ground, landing in a wheat field about 69 kilometers from the area from which it left.

Little Big Planet Karting will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 3 during next week.

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