Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets Leaked Trailer

Cinematic and gameplay footage is featured by this new video

The first actual trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has just been leaked online, showing off some impressive cinematic cut scenes from the upcoming JRPG, not to mention quite a few gameplay sequences.

The Final Fantasy series hasn't gone through the best of times in recent years, as after the lackluster debut of the Final Fantasy XIV MMO, Square Enix struggled to get people interested in the single-player installments, XIII and XIII-2.

The company is getting ready to close the XIII saga with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which marks the comeback of XIII protagonist Lightning.

We heard a few tidbits of info about the game, but now the first actual trailer with the new Japanese Role-Playing title has been leaked on the web.

As you can see above, the footage shows off Lightning and her new look as well as quite a lot of gameplay sequences including the exploration of new city and a pretty impressive boss fight that features the game's tweaked interface.

Expect to hear more about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soon.

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