Life Is Better with a Titan Trailer Gets Extended Cut Ahead of Titanfall Launch

The extra footage does not offer more info on the title

Developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are delivering a new and extended edition of the Life is Better with a Titan trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall just ahead of the game’s official launch date.

There are no new and important revelations about the core gameplay mechanics in the footage offered, but it’s interesting to see how the company is aiming to promote the game by integrating the giant mechs in real-world situations.

The title is already being advertised using a special arcade game site, which includes Asteroids and Missile Command, and a new teaser site also mentions that live action content based on it might soon be revealed.

Titanfall will be officially launched on both the Xbox One and the PC on March 11 in the United States and two days later in Europe.

Those who plan to play it on the Xbox 360 will need to wait another two weeks.

The game is focused on multiplayer battles that will involve six players on each side, alongside the mechs from the title and some Artificial Intelligence controlled opponents.

Respawn has promised that the experience will also involve narrative elements and will push the boundaries of the genre.

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