Left 4 Dead Gets New Update That Improves Big Picture Mode

The first-person zombie shooter now allows controllers to be used in its menus

Left 4 Dead 1 has just received a brand new update on the PC via the Steam platform and now completely supports using a controller to navigate its menus while it's in the Big Picture mode.

Valve publicly released the Big Picture mode for its Steam digital service earlier this week, allowing all the 50+ million users to easily navigate it using a controller on a big-screen monitor, like an HDTV.

Ahead of this public release, a variety of games received patches to properly support both Big Picture mode and actual controllers.

Left Dead 1 is no exception, as Valve has now released a fresh update for the first-person zombie shooter that now allows players to use a controller to navigate the different menus of the game while it's in the Big Picture mode.

The patch, which is now available via Steam for the PC, also fixes a potential crash in the client shadow manager, and allows the game to be launched on machines with 16+ CPUs.

The new update will be automatically applied to the game the next time you start Steam.

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