Left 4 Dead 2 Updated, Workshop Now Available

Gamers will be able to develop their own content and then download items created by others

Video game developer Valve is delivering a new update for its team-based shooter Left 4 Dead 2, allowing players to use the new Workshop feature and fixing a number of problems that the game still faced.

The added support for Workshop means that gamers now have the options of creating new content for the game and submitting it to Valve to be distributed.

Left 4 Dead 2 also gets access to a number of tools to sort and to download the avalanche of new content that the community will create.

Valve has also cleaned up the structure of its own DLC packages and has simplified the way they are integrated with the game.

A number of bugs have also been fixed, with a full list available on the official Steam page.

Rumors suggest that Valve might be working on Left 4 Dead 3.

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