Leaked Photo of PlayStation 4 Controller Shows Redesigned Device

Check out the possible DualShock 4 and its overhauled looks

After hearing some new rumors about the upcoming controller of the next-generation PlayStation 4 console, a leaked photo has surfaced on the web, showcasing what looks like the actual controller of the new device connected to a possible PlayStation 4 developer kit.

Sony is expected to reveal its long-awaited PlayStation 4 later this month, on February 20, at a special event in New York City.

Until then, lots of rumors have appeared on the web, bearing details about the next-gen home console, its various features, and its redesigned controller.

Now, an actual photo of the PlayStation 4's possible controller has surfaced, via Destructoid, showing an overhauled version of the current DualShock 3 device.

As you can see, the oft-rumored touchpad is present right in the middle of the device while the thumbsticks have been redesigned for better grip. Besides that, however, the D-pad and the face buttons remain the same, although the shoulder buttons appear to be positioned slightly lower than on the DualShock 3.

As of yet, it's unclear whether this is the actual controller of the PlayStation 4, but you can expect the full reveal on February 20.

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