League of Legends Introduces Zed, Master of Shadows

The character is stealth based and deals more damage

The development team at Riot Games reveals a new champion for their MOBA game League of Legends, called Zed, which is described as being a stealth-based character that mainly uses daggers and has abilities that increase his efficiency against already wounded enemies.

Zed, Master of Shadows, is an energy-based champion and has access to an ability called Living Shadow. This allows him to create a clone of himself that can deal damage, as well as distract enemies.

Zed can be played by all those interested in League of Legends right now.

Riot Games has plans to offer more new heroes as long as there’s a strong community supporting its Massive Online Battle Arena title.

The game is free-to-play and the team makes money by rotating its impressive roster of heroes in and out of play and asking gamers to pay to always keep their favorite heroes on call.

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