League of Legends Gets Preseason Update for Balance Purposes

There are changes to the items, characters and maps

The development team at Riot Games says that it plans to launch a new update for its MOBA game League of Legends, called The Preseason Update, which will introduce a number of changes to the core gameplay of the title.

During a Reddit-based Ask Me Anything session, the developers answered questions from the community about the coming game modifications, which will target everything from the skills of the champions to the item and the jungle design.

Riot Games says that the main aim of the Preseason Update is to make the game more varied in order to encourage the player base to try out new tactics and playing styles.

One example they emphasize is how using mana on them will push weapons to evolve into more powerful versions.

League of Legends is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena titles, competing with DOTA 2 from Valve.

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