League of Legends Championship Series Season 3 Moves to Divisional System

Gamers will get chances to show off their skills against other humans

Developer Riot Games announces that it is moving towards a divisional system for the third full season of the Championship Series of League of Legends, giving even lower-ranked players more chances to reach the higher stages of the competition.

The entire player base of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title will be divided into leagues and divisions and they will gain points by playing and winning ranked matches.

Those who leave their starting division and league will be able to get an end-of-the-season reward and will get to fight stronger opponents.

Top-ranked teams will be able to then move to the Pro scene.

Only those who have reached level 30 in League of Legends with 16 champions will be able to play ranked matches.

Riot Games is also offering more information on the patch that will arrive before the Championship Series Season 3, which aims to balance the League of Legends experience.

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