Lead Designer Regrets Lack of Weapon Variety of XCOM

The game could also have benefited from more campaign options

Jake Solomon, the leading designer working at Firaxis, says that one of his major regrets was the lack of weapon variety in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

He tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that, “The classes are certainly interesting, but then the weapons… Like, Laser weapons are not much more than more powerful conventional weapons. Then the Plasma weapons are not much more than more powerful Laser weapons, so it’s kind of a lost opportunity there.”

Solomon would also like to add a little more variety to the game, eliminating all the fates that players need to get through in order to reach the end of the game.

It’s unclear whether the structure of XCOM: Enemy Unknown allows developers to modify these areas of the game via downloadable content.

So far, the team has delivered Second Wave and Slingshot and more is planned to launch during 2013.

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