Lack of Video Game Protagonist Led to Wreck-It Ralph Success, Says Director

The movie has managed to weave in a number of references to other series

Rich Moore, the director of Wreck-It Ralph, believes that the success of his video game inspired movie is linked to the lack of a main character who is associated with an actual franchise.

The director tells MCV that, “I think that had we tried to make this movie about the character of someone like Donkey Kong, there’s so much mythology and baggage attached to pre-existing titles that I feel someone would be disappointed.”

Wreck-It Ralph uses an entirely new character but drops plenty of direct references to actual video games around him, allowing gamers to become engaged without having to understand all of them.

Plenty of directors have tried to take important video game characters and move them to the movie space, but traditionally, films based on franchises like Doom or Hitman have failed to find an audience.

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