LEGO: Lord of the Rings Xbox 360 Disks Recalled by Warner Bros.

The company wants to eliminate a small shipping error

Video game publisher Warner Bros. says that it is issuing a recall for a number of copies of LEGO: Lord of the Rings on the Xbox 360 which were incorrectly labeled as being demo disks instead of full game ones.

When the game was launched, some gamers reported that they bought a full copy but, instead, got a game disk that was labeled as a demo and lacked full functionality.

Warner Bros. tells IGN that all the disks “contain the full game content and are fully functional.”

It seems that the error, which affects an unknown number of players, is mainly linked to copies of LEGO: Lord of the Rings sold via Walmart, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us.

Anyone who has purchased a copy for Xbox 360 that is affected by the disk labeling error can now contact Warner Bros. customer support via email at or phone at 410-568-3680 to get a replacement.

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