LEGO City Undercover Has 100 Vehicles, Game & Wario Includes 16 Mini-Games

Nintendo also talks about Brain Age: Concentration Training 3DS

Nintendo of America reveals that the upcoming LEGO City Undercover title for the Wii U home console will include no less than 100 vehicles that players will be able to drive through the game world.

The team also says that the touchscreen in the GamePad controller will be included in almost all the game features.

LEGO City Undercover will be launched in early 2013.

Nintendo has also offered initial detail on Game & Wario, a collection of smaller experiences that will include 16 mini-games, also designed to appear on the Wii U early during next year.

Brain Age: Concentration Training 3DS is also now official and the developer says that the game will allow those who play it to deal with the information overload that heavy Internet users experience, although exact details have not been offered.

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