L.A. Noire Gets Actual Gag Reel Video

See the various slip-ups of the voice actors inside the game

Gag reels are a common thing for TV shows or movies but now we get to see one for L.A. Noire, last year's impressive detective game from Rockstar and Team Bondi, showing off the mistakes of the actors while inside the game.

L.A. Noire impressed millions of gamers by delivering a pretty great detective experience that was coupled with one of the most realistic facial tracking systems in the world, which carefully recreated the voice actors for a seamless experience.

While the end result was a marvel of technology, this doesn't mean that there weren't mistakes, slip ups, or other such things.

In an effort to show off those mistakes recreated inside the actual game, Depth Analysis, the company who supplied the motion tracking tech for Team Bondi and Rockstar, has posted a special L.A. Noire gag reel.

As you can see above, there were quite a lot of hilarious moments while creating the game and most of them involved the main characters.

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