King's Bounty: Warriors of the North Updated with Lots of Fixes and Improvements

Several balancing issues have been addressed as well

The folks at 1C-SoftClub have just released the first patch for King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North for PC.

The update includes a long list of bug fixes as well as some improvements, which will probably make the game more stable. Some of the balancing issues addressed by this update include:

- “Sense Weakness” skill routine fixed;

- “Icy Rage” skill now applies critical chance to rage abilities;

- Hilda now adds a correct amount of leadership at any level;

- Regina now grants an attack bonus to level 5 creatures.

Lots of other issues have been corrected as well, such as the “Last hero” spell and the Rune Mages initiative. Hopefully, the game will be more stable and better optimized after applying this patch.

Keep in mind that some changes will only take effect after starting a new game. For the full list of improvements and fixes check out the official announcement.

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