Kinect Is Used to Monitor North Korea DMZ

The Xbox One is not yet available for South Korean gamers

The South Korean military announces that it is using the Kinect motion tracking system from Microsoft as part of its vast network of surveillance for the Demilitarized Zone between the country and North Korea.

It seems that the camera is uniquely suited to asses potential threats in the area, mainly because the sensors are good enough to separate animal and human presences and then alert nearby stations to the situation.

Kotaku reports that the entire system might soon also use the Xbox One version of Kinect in order to be able to monitor the heart rate and the body temperature of all those who are moving through the Demilitarized Zone.

The technology might be used for military purposes, but the Xbox One home console will only be offered in South Korea at an unannounced date later in the year.

Microsoft has pledged to upgrade the capabilities of the Kinect via firmware updates.

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