Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club Are First Two PlayStation 4 Titles

The games will show off the unique power of the console

Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club are the first two video game projects announced for the PlayStation 4, specifically designed to take advantage of the new unique capabilities of the next generation of devices from Sony.

Herman Hulst from Guerrilla Games revealed Killzone: Shadow Fall, a new game in the long-running first-person shooter series that promises more cinematic action and a new take on the familiar universe.

The action in the shown footage was intense, but there was nothing innovative given the genre of the game.

The visuals from the trailer also seemed to be no better than those of a current generation of gaming PCs.

Evolution Studios is also working on Drive Club, a racing game based on teams, which has been in development for the last ten years, with extensive social elements.

Michael Denny, leader of the Sony Worldwide Studios, previously stated that, “The future of PlayStation is about great games” and that the entire console was created with input from development studios.

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