Killer is Dead Gets New Trailer, Reveals Game World

Players will explore a dark world where violence rules

The development team at Grasshopper Manufacture is offering a new Japanese trailer for its next project, Killer is Dead, designed to titillate the fan base and show a little bit of the game world that players will be able to explore.

Suda51 is the creator of such titles as Killer 7 and No More Series and the look of Killer is Dead owes much to those games, but it seems that the new universe is darker and mysterious.

The trailer itself is very graphic and dark and shows a game where over-the-top violence and cool moves are at the heart of the action.

Killer is Dead will star Mondo Zappa, a killer who uses swords and has a mechanic arm.

The game should be out during summer in Japan on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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