Judgment Is Best Looking Gears of War Title Epic Created, Says Art Director

The game is designed to capture the essence of the series

Chris Perna, the art director working on the Gears of War series, believes that the upcoming Judgment prequel is the best looking game in the franchise and a kind of swan song for the current generation of home consoles from Microsoft.

The developer tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “We’ve evolved the color palette even more, to make a lot more color yet still keep a more somber tone. We’ve done things with post-processing to really enhance the visuals and our cinematics, too. I think visually, it’s the best looking Gears so far.”

Judgment is designed to show off the game world right before the Locust attacked human settlements and players will be able to see how characters like Cole and Baird experienced the traumatic event.

Gears of War: Judgment launched all over the world on March 19.

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