Journey Wins Big at DICE 2013 Awards

Other winners include FIFA 13, Walking Dead, Skylanders

Journey, the stylish adventure from thatgamecompany, is the big winner of the DICE Awards ceremony for this year, taking home eight prizes after it received nominations in 11 categories.

The full list of winners, quoted by VG247, is the following:

Game of the Year

Game of the Year 2012: Journey

Action: Borderlands 2

Mobile: Hero Academy

Handheld: Paper Mario Sticker Star

Sports: FIFA 13

Racing: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Fighting: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Downloadable: The Walking Dead

Casual: Journey

Web based: SimCity Social

Family: Skylanders Giants

RPG or MMO of the year: Mass Effect 3

Strategy or simulation: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Adventure: The Walking Dead

Outstanding Achievements

Outstanding achievement in original music: Journey

Outstanding achievement in original sound design: Journey

Outstanding achievement in original story: The Walking Dead

Outstanding achievement in character performance: The Walking Dead - Lee Everett

Outstanding achievement in art direction: Journey

Outstanding innovation in gaming: Journey

Outstanding achievement in connectivity: Halo 4

Outstanding achievement in animation: Assassin’s Creed 3

Outstanding achievement in gameplay engineering: XOM: Enemy Unknown

Outstanding achievement game direction: Journey

Best online gameplay: Journey

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