Journey Creator Will Not Use Kickstarter

The company has fans that don’t have the money for the service

Jenova Chen, the leader of thatgamecompany, believes that Kickstarter is not suited for the kind of audience that buys his games and plans to stick to working with publishers for the foreseeable period.

The Journey creator says that the biggest Kickstarter success was linked with developers who created titles appealing to older gamers who have the money to donate via crowd funding.

He tells GamesIndustry that “And I’m thinking that most of the people who played our games are teenagers and college students. How much money are they going to have to donate? So I think it’s not my time yet.”

thatgamecompany had severe financial problems during the development process for Journey and Chen has brought in more financing since then, in order to ensure that his team has the resources to create its next projects.

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