Jordan Mechner’s Karateka Gets Extended Director’s Cut Trailer

Developer says that he made only small changes to gameplay systems

Karateka is the modern follow-up to the first video game created by Jordan Mechner, the original creator of Prince of Persia, and the developer says that he has made available a new trailer for the title, which includes more footage for the Xbox Live-powered game.

The Extended Director’s Cut version includes live action sequences, special effects, as well as some gameplay footage.

Karateka was first created for the Apple II system and has since then been ported to a number of other devices.

The modern remake uses High Definition graphics and includes some updates to the core game mechanics.

Karateka will be launched on all iOS-powered devices, the PC and the PlayStation Network from Sony before the end of 2012 and the developer is also said to be working on a Nintendo Wii U version of the game, which lacks a launch window.

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