Japan: Nintendo 3DS Overtakes PlayStation 3 in Lifetime Sales

The PlayStation Vita is well behind, with a total of just 1 million

The Nintendo 3DS handheld has managed to overtake the PlayStation 3 home console from Sony when it comes to overall sales on the Japanese market, where both companies have their headquarters.

The 3DS has managed to deliver another 211,499 devices to gamers during the week that ended on December 10 in order to reach a total of 8,788,378 devices in less than two years.

The PlayStation 3 also sold another 36,994 consoles and reached a total of 8,716,260.

The PlayStation Vita handheld from Sony continues to perform badly in the marketplace, with just another 11,039 gaming platforms delivered to players in a one-week period.

The 3DS also saw limited sales on launch, but the hardware gained in popularity a lot after Nintendo decided to cut its price by 30 percent.

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