Iwata Is Sorry for Wii U Day One Firmware Update

The company will make the update process smoother in the future

Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, says that he feels sorry for the large day one firmware update that users needed to download before using the Wii U in North America.

The executive says in a letter to IGN that, “Personally I think that users should be able to use all the functions of a console video game machine as soon as they open the box.”

He adds, “So I feel very sorry for the fact that purchasers of Wii U have to experience a network update which takes such a long time, and that there are the services which were not available at the hardware’s launch.”

The day one update for the Wii U was 5 GB in size and took several hours to download.

Some users also reported bricked consoles after the download was stopped.

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