Irrational Is Not Yet Thinking About BioShock Future, Says Developer

The company is focused on polishing the current game

Shawn Elliott, a level designer working on the new BioShock, says that the Irrational Games team he is part of is currently polishing Infinite and adding more content to the 1999 mode, but is not thinking about the long-term future of the franchise.

The developer tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “beyond that, I think if we pull this off and people are satisfied with it we'll have proven that the Bioshock brand - no pun intended - the sky's the limit on it. That we can do whatever we want with it, keeping those core tenants in mind, you know, and that there's range for a huge amount of difference between games.”

Elliott admits that he is just speculating and that the final decision will be made by the entire Irrational team after the launch of BioShock Infinite.

The new game takes players to the floating island of Columbia in search of a super-powered girl called Elizabeth.

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