Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Gets 66% Price Cut on Steam

The game mixes two perspectives and offers Poland-based operations

Developers X1 Software and AWAR are offering their Iron Front: Liberation 1944 with a price cut of 66 percent on the Steam digital distribution service from Valve, until Thursday at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The action and strategy title allows player to use either a first-person or a third-person perspective in order to take part in operations in Poland during the penultimate year of World War II.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 simulates the war from the vantage point of both German and Russian soldiers.

The official description for the game states, “Command your own troops, man authentic weaponry and take to the sky in deadly warplanes. Raging across huge battlefields on an unprecedented level of simulation, the heat of combat awaits you in the single player and multiplayer modes.”

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