Investors Buy Take-Two Shares Ahead of GTA V Launch

People want to profit from Grand Theft Auto V's upcoming release

Quite a few investors have begun increasing their number of stocks in Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, as they no doubt expect stellar performance from the open world game.

GTA V is eagerly awaited by many gamers from all around the world and already lots of analysts have forecasted huge sales for the new open world title made by Rockstar Games and published by Take-Two Interactive.

Ahead of the game's release this spring, CVG reports that investors have a new-found interest in Take-Two as Citadel Investment Group has bought a variety of shares over the holiday period, now owning 6 percent of the company.

Another investment group, Carl Icahn, has also bolstered its stock in Take-Two, now owning around 8.7 million shares.

All this activity has had a great impact on Take-Two stock price, which has jumped from $7.82 (€5.93) in August to $12.20 (€9.25).

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