Infamous: Second Son Is Sucker Punch PlayStation 4 Project

Gamers move to another city with a new character and innovative powers

Nate Fox, the leader of developer Sucker Punch, announces that his team’s next video game project is called Infamous: Second Son and will be launched exclusively on the upcoming PlayStation 4 next-gen console from Sony.

The premise sounds very similar to that of the upcoming Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, with a lot of talk about the influence of the governments, surveillance and how superpowers could turn the structure of the world we live in.

Infamous: Second Son will move gamers to a new city, will introduce an entirely new character and new powers to use, with a darker tone and a lot more violence, from the trailer shown.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, a shooter from Guerrilla Games, and Drive Club, a social racing title from Evolution, are also announced as coming to the PlayStation 4.

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