Independent Developers Earned More During 2011

More projects made money for their creators and less of them failed

The Game Industry Salary Survey for 2011, performed by Game Developer, has shown that while the salaries for the United States video game industry have largely remained the same during last year, the earnings of those developers who designed themselves as indie have increased from around 11,000 dollars (8,250 Euro) to more than 23,000 dollars (17,250 Euro).

The earnings of those who see themselves as independent developer teams have also increased, alongside those of the independent contractors.

The number of independent developers who have trouble selling their game has decreased as well, with only 48 percent of them saying that they made less than 500 dollars (375 Euro) from their title.

When it comes to big hits, 16 percent of the indie developers said that they made more than 50,000 dollars (37,500 Euro) from their games, double the figure seen during 2010.

The survey has also shown that more indie developers are working as part of a team and that less people are interested in breaking into the industry.

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