Incoming 2014 – The Order: 1886

The all-new intellectual property for the PS4 is looking really good

What we know: 

The Order: 1886 is one of the few all-new intellectual properties that are set to debut for the PlayStation 4 this year, coming from developer Ready at Dawn, the same studio behind the stunning God of War titles for the PSP.

The new game takes place in an alternate history where monsters and humans have combined to create half-breeds that are engaged in a bitter war against the regular humans.

Players take control of a group of knights, the descendants of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table, which is currently led by Grayson, aka Sir Galahad. Thanks to a mysterious substance named Black Water, the knights possess special healing abilities and have extended lives.

Thanks to the industrial revolution that was happening all around them and to different inventors, the knights of the Order are able to use high tech weapons and sci-fi gadgets to gain an edge over the half-breeds.

In terms of gameplay, the title is a third-person shooter with cover-based elements. It's unclear just how much control players have over the other members of the Order but more details should appear soon.

Ready at Dawn is using special technologies to recreate realistic destruction and will certainly take advantage of the PS4's power to create a great looking experience.

Why it matters:

The PS4 has already seen quite a few big sequels appear, like Killzone: Shadow Fall, while others are getting ready to debut, like Infamous: Second Son. So far, some all-new properties haven't exactly impressed, like Knack, while others are doing a much better job, like Resogun.

It's up to The Order: 1886 to show that innovation can be sparked by the new console and Ready at Dawn already proved its worth with the great portable God of War titles.

Now, working with a powerful console and its own property, it's time for the studio to really show what it can do.

The Order: 1886 is set to debut in 2014 exclusively for the PS4.

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