Incoming 2013: Xbox 720

The next-generation console that will push gaming forward

What we know: Xbox 720 is the name that the majority of the media has assigned to the next-generation home gaming console created by Microsoft.

The company has not yet made any sort of announcement about it, but official information is expected before E3 2013, with the actual launch set to take place later during this year.

Despite the lack of any solid information, the Xbox 720 is one of the most talked about pieces of hardware in the world at the moment, with gamers prone to speculation and developers who have access to early prototypes sometimes hinting at its capabilities.

It seems that Microsoft is very determined to make its next gaming console a very capable entertainment hub, able to play movies and television shows for the player and integrate his experience with that of friends.

The new console might also introduce a new version of the Kinect motion tracking system, finally delivering on the idea of hand gesture control, and more options for game acquisition and installation, allowing consumers to finally drop the physical disk.

Rumors also claim more processing power for the Xbox 720, designed to make it competitive with the top-end PCs of the year.

Why it matters: The Xbox 720 might well be the most expected new device of the year, given the success of the current console from Microsoft, and its initial sale performance will be a clear sign of the potential of the next generation of hardware.

The actual details will indicate whether the coming consoles will continue to be geared towards hardcore players or whether there’s a clear tendency to make the Xbox 720 (and, by association the rival from Sony) as ubiquitous and mainstream as television sets.

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