Incoming 2013: Super Smash Bros Wii U

A game that might spark lagging sales of the new Nintendo console

What we know: Super Smash Bros Wii U was officially announced during E3 2011 but since then, Nintendo has failed to offer any real detail about the cast of characters that will be involved and about the gameplay mechanics that it plans to include.

Development duties on the game are handled by Sora Ltd. and, surprisingly, by Namco Bandai Games, which might mean that the resulting experience will have more of an action focus.

The team behind Super Smash Bros Wii U has stated that it has explored the history of the franchise and that it plans to take it in an entirely new direction.

Some statements were also interpreted as a sign that characters from outside the Nintendo universe might be included for the first time.

The game will also emphasize the connectivity options between the Wii U and the 3DS handheld, although no player versus player game mode is planned at the moment.

Super Smash Bros Wii U does not currently have an official launch date, but Nintendo needs to deliver it in late 2013 in order to keep up interest in its new home consoles during the all-important Christmas shopping season.

If Microsoft and Sony deliver their own next-generation devices in the fall, then the launch of the game becomes even more important for the company.

Why it matters: Super Smash Bros Wii U could be the biggest Wii U game of the year and the title to power late year sales of the device, if it is released at the right time.

The series has been one of the best sellers on other Nintendo devices and its simple-to-understand nature means that it could also draw players that have so far focused on consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

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