Incoming 2013: Star Wars 1313

Can LucasArts deliver a great Star Wars game without Jedi knights or Sith lords?

What we know:

Star Wars games haven't exactly been of the highest quality in recent years, as while some tried to deliver new experiences, like The Force Unleashed, others fell short of their expectations, like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With Star Wars 1313, LucasArts promises to deliver a gritty third-person action adventure game that won't focus on a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord.

Instead, players are thrown in the shoes of a bounty hunter that's heading to the planet of Coruscant, where he needs to infiltrate the infamous subterranean level 1313, where all of the worst criminals and aliens hide.

As we saw in an impressive gameplay video last year, this descent isn't without its perils and the young bounty hunter will go through quite a lot of adventures as he makes his way to 1313.

Besides the bounty hunter focus and the fact that it takes place on Coruscant, not a lot is known about Star Wars 1313, although, judging by gameplay footage, it's borrowing quite a lot of mechanics from franchises like Uncharted and other cover-based shooters with a heavy emphasis on action.

The visuals also look quite impressive and early footage even made a lot of people speculate that Star Wars 1313 is a next-generation title. That rumor, however, was dismantled by LucasArts itself, as the studio has confirmed the game is coming to current platforms.

Why it matters:

Great Star Wars games have been few and far in between, so it's time for LucasArts to show that it can still deliver a great experience even if it doesn't feature Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, or lightsabers.

The game will also be crucial to the viability of the studio, as it needs to prove that it can still create great experiences, especially since parent company LucasFilm was recently bought by Disney, which also has a special video games division.

Star Wars 1313 is expected to appear on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this year.

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