Incoming 2013: Remember Me

Can this all-new IP starring a brand new female protagonist succeed?

What we know: Remember Me is an upcoming game from newly formed studio Dontnod Entertainment, based in Paris, France, and set to be published by Japanese company Capcom.

The game is an action adventure one that's set in a futuristic dystopian version of Paris, called Neo Paris, that's teeming with surveillance cameras and all sorts of androids.

The cyberpunk game focuses on Nilin, a young mixed-race woman who deals with memory hunting. Simply put, she is given a target and must extract certain information from their memories, sort of like the Inception movie.

Sadly, things don't go exactly to plan in Nilin's latest mission and her employer erases her memories and sets her up for a crime so that the authorities lock her up.

In terms of combat, Remember Me focuses mainly on hand-to-hand brawling, as Nilin and her various cybernetic implants can perform all sorts of moves and take down enemies much bigger than her, like the recently revealed Kid Xmas.

Why it matters:

2013 is going to be filled with sequels and reboots, so it's great to see that Capcom is still willing to bet on new properties like Remember Me, especially one that approaches a sci-fi premise and doesn't have a character that respects the current white male stereotype.

The whole concept seems quite engaging and judging by the gameplay footage that we've seen up until now, not to mention the screenshots, it looks quite good in action.

The combat has also been fine-tuned by members of Capcom's Street Fighter team, so you can bet that it's going to deliver a great and responsive experience.

Remember Me is set to appear this May for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

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