Incoming 2013: Rainbow Six: Patriots

The new squad-based shooter is set to tackle some big controversies

What we know:

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six franchise may have had a lot of success many years ago and introduced plenty of novel concepts to the shooter genre, but the French company has neglected its squad-based shooter series in recent times.

With Rainbow Six: Patriots, Team Rainbow is called to action as the United States of America is currently being threatened by a group of domestic terrorists called the True Patriots, who believe that the current situation of the country can be blamed on the government and the corporations which it protects.

As you can imagine, with such a sensitive topic and by portraying current social movements like Occupy Wall Street as the bad guys, Ubisoft had to carefully share details about the game.

While we did hear a few things about the premise and how the True Patriots are trying all sorts of methods to intimidate the government, gameplay hasn't been detailed all that much.

What we do know is that morality will play a big part in the story as practically every decision a player makes will have a repercussion in the development of the plot.

Besides that, however, Ubisoft hasn't shared any other details about the game.

Why it matters:

Rainbow Six titles, particularly the Vegas ones, impressed through top-notch squad shooter gameplay and set the benchmark by combining first-person shooting with strategy and skill.

With Patriots, the series is set to make a great comeback and the touchy issues with the plot as well as the emphasis on player choice might make it stand out from other shooters nowadays.

Sadly, considering Ubisoft hasn't shared that many details about the game recently, who knows what will happen when it gets released, eventually.

Rainbow Six: Patriots is out this year for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

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