Incoming 2013: Prey 2

The troubled shooter from Human Head and Bethesda might still appear this year

What we know:

Prey delivered a pretty intriguing first-person shooter experience back in 2006 and developer Human Head Studios announced back in 2011 that it was working on Prey 2, a sequel set to be published by Bethesda.

Sadly, while a few details and some screenshots were showcased to the world, nothing has been heard of the game since then, with both Human Head and Bethesda declining to comment about the fate of the project.

Prey 2, unlike the original title, has a new protagonist, in the form of former U.S. Marshall Killian Samuels who was on the plane that crashed into the alien Sphere during the first game.

He was apparently kidnapped by aliens and taken to the mysterious planet of Exodus where, without any recollection of his previous life, he becomes a bounty hunter.

Luckily, he meets up with Tommy from the first game and begins to remember what happened in the Sphere and the plans aliens have for humanity.

The title was looking pretty good at the time and promised to combine first-person shooter gameplay with imaginative design that let players use different gadgets, tech, and traps to capture their targets.

Killian was also going to explore other alien worlds as part of his bounty hunting and Human Head hinted that plenty of novel concepts will be explored by the hero as he slowly regains his memory.

Rumors about the game's cancelation appeared in the past few months but, as of yet, neither Human Head nor Bethesda have commented on them.

Why it matters:

Sci-fi shooters may be quite numerous nowadays but the interesting premise of Prey 2, plus the imaginative combat suggested by Human Head makes it stand out from other titles in the genre.

While the original Prey didn't exactly break sales records, it still has loyal fans who definitely deserve a sequel that further fleshes out the game's universe.

Prey 2 is expected to appear on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms sometime this year.

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