Incoming 2013: Europa Universalis IV

The next big thing in grand strategy games, with new trade and administration systems

What we know: Europa Universalis IV is the next iteration of the core grand strategy game from developer and publisher Paradox Interactive, a game that promises to change the main mechanics of the genre and significantly improve the historical simulation aspect of the series.

The new game will explore a number of new ideas, designed to show the limitations, both political and technological, that nations from the era faced.

At the same time, it will challenge the player with a new trade system, which fells more organic, and more ways to change the organization of a faction to better suit the ages.

Paradox Interactive will also increase the detail level on the game map in order to better immerse the player in the world of EU IV. This will also allow the team to use the map to guide the player and teach him what actions he can perform.

There are also plans for changes in the way the armies and battles work.

Europa Universalis IV is set to arrive exclusively on the PC at some point during the fall of 2013.

Why it matters: One of the most interesting aspects of the new title from Paradox Interactive is that the lead developer, Johan Andersson, wants to explore new gameplay ideas without increasing the difficulty level of the game, which should attract new players to the title.

Of course, this aim might conflict with the needs of longtime fans, who are always asking for more simulation ideas and more mechanics to explore in their games.

Europa Universalis IV is not a very mainstream idea, but niche gaming is becoming ever more important and its success will inform the development of the other titles in Paradox’s stable, from Victoria to Crusader Kings.

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