Incoming 2013: Dragon Age III – Inquisition

A game that needs to reconcile two styles and two stories

What we know: Dragon Age III: Inquisition is the next title in the BioWare-developed and Electronic Arts-published franchise, apparently designed to unify the fan bases for the previous two projects in the series.

The company has offered limited clear information about the sequel, other than saying that it will introduce more customization both when it comes to the player character and to the equipment that he and his party is carrying.

Rumors are also suggesting that Dragon Age III will move to the French-influenced land of Orlais in order to follow both the Warden Commander and Hawke as they are involved in the titanic coming struggle between the wizards and the Templars of the Chantry.

Presumably, many story threads and characters from the previous two installments will make an appearance in the coming adventure.

Regardless of the setting, many players will want to see BioWare focus more on party-based tactical battles than on quick action.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition has been confirmed as coming during the third quarter of 2013, but Electronic Arts has not talked about any platforms, which might mean that it will arrive on the PC and on next-generation consoles.

Why it matters: Dragon Age II was a little disappointing for the fan base of the new BioWare fantasy series because of the quick combat and the smaller focus on party mechanics.

At the same time, players loved it for the way it told its story and for the characters the team created.

Inquisition is BioWare’s chance to mix tactics, role-playing and story using a new setting and give the current story arc of the Dragon Age universe a proper ending, devoid of the controversies that plagued Mass Effect 3.

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