Incoming 2013: Double Fine Classic Adventure

The game that will show whether Kickstarter is suited to big projects

What we know: Double Fine classic adventure is a game that should not exist according to the laws of modern game development and sales because no big publisher is at the moment ready to take on the heavy risk associated with the genre.

But the rise of Kickstarter means that the team led by Tim Schafer has managed to ask its own fan base and the possible audience for the resources it needs. The game is not in full development, meaning that those who contributed are able to follow its progress on the official forums.

The name says a lot about the upcoming experience, which is supposed to respect all the core tenets of the classic genre while introducing deep characters, an interesting story and the humor that was always associated with Double Fine.

There’s still limited information available on the game, but the team will probably offer more details in the coming months.

Double Fine classic adventure should be launched on the PC and on tablets towards the end of the year, as long as the company keeps the timetable it has announced during the Kickstarter process.

Why it matters: Double Fine classic adventure is the first huge game that was mainly funded via Kickstarter and the way it will perform will determine the way that the public will react to other similar efforts in the near future.

The game also tackles a genre that has become fairly peripheral in the last few years and its success will lead to a potential large scale revival and maybe even the creation of long-term adventure game franchises.

Double Fine classic adventure is also one of the most interesting titles of this year because it will give us a chance to see Tim Schafer’s genius in action once again.

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