Incoming 2013: DmC Devil May Cry

Capcom and Ninja Theory's hack and slash game is out this month

What we know: 

DmC Devil May Cry was presented to the world some time ago and quickly generated a negative backlash as many fans didn't approve of the changes made by UK-based developer Ninja Theory to the franchise's lore and its main character, Dante.

Fortunately, the studio managed to earn back the trust of fans by releasing quite a lot of new videos in the last year or so, alongside many screenshots and even an actual demo that appeared back in November.

Judging by these new things, DmC Devil May Cry is looking like a great comeback for the stylish hack and slash series, as Dante may have changed his looks, but he's still quite capable of eliminating demons and monsters in all sorts of extremely acrobatic and stylish ways.

His brother, Vergil, will play a big role in the game's standard story and will also have a special spinoff campaign, called Vergil's Downfall, which is available only as a pre-order bonus from certain retailers worldwide.

What's more, the story is looking pretty interesting, with a lot of critiques against modern society and its reliance on the media, as Dante is portrayed as a terrorist by demons who control TV stations.

Why it matters:

Devil May Cry games have played a key role in the popularity of the hack and slash genre, offering a stylish alternative to more violent entries like the God of War titles, for example.

After some pretty interesting installments from Capcom itself, it's going to be interesting to see just what a new developer like Ninja Theory can do with the prestigious franchise, particularly since its previous projects, like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West or Heavenly Blade, didn't really succeed because they were all-new properties.

DmC Devil May Cry is out on January 15 worldwide for PS3 and Xbox 360, and on January 25 for PC.

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