Incoming 2013: Disney Infinity

Can Disney use its movies and properties to overthrow Skylanders?

What we know:

Disney Infinity is the next big game from the famous company that aims at giving Activision's hugely successful Skylanders franchise a run for its money.

After Skylanders showed that toys being sold for use in video games is a great practice, Disney is looking to follow this recipe while leveraging the instant appeal of its most popular animated movies, from Wall-E to The Incredibles, Toy Story, Monster Inc. or even The Pirates of the Caribbean.

What's more, seeing as how Disney now owns other big entertainment universes, like Marvel or Star Wars, there's a chance to see plenty of other characters added to the Infinity experience.

As opposed to Skylanders and its main story, Disney Infinity will give players the chance to explore different Play Sets that only accept characters from that certain series. For example, The Incredibles Play Set will only support characters from the movie.

On the other hand, there's the Toy Box mode, in which any character and environment can be combined to produce all sorts of results. Want to see Mr. Incredible fight alongside Captain Jack Sparrow? You just need their toys so that you can add them to the game via Infinity's base platform.

Why it matters:

Skylanders was a great success and Disney, provided it delivers a quality experience, has the chance to reach even more people thanks to its already popular movies and animation projects.

Of course, a crucial role in the game's popularity will be the quality of the gameplay and that of the toys. While the actual real-life items can be top notch, if the gameplay isn't interesting, players won't have an incentive to fill out their collections.

Disney Infinity is out this summer for the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

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