Incoming 2013: Beyond: Two Souls

A game that mixes a complex story with top-notch motion tracking

What we know: Beyond: Two Souls is the new video game from developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony, which aims to deliver an experience that mixes a thriller core narrative with psychological and spiritual elements.

Quantic Dream is led by David Cage, whose previous work includes Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, and that means the new game will focus on delivering emotion to the player rather than simply offering him a game world to explore and enemies to fight.

The story of Beyond will focus on Jodie Holmes and her long-term relation with an entity called Idan.

The protagonist is created using actress Ellen Page’s likeness and voice and the script for the game will be around 2,000 pages long.

It will cover no less than 15 years and will see Holmes get acquainted with the entity and discover its true purpose.

The entire game will use extensive motion capture and gamers will get a realistic look at the characters and the idea of death.

The PlayStation Move motion tracking system will be used to implement an innovative control scheme that allows players to naturally guide their character through the experience.

Beyond: Two Souls will only be offered on the PlayStation 3 from Sony at some point during 2013.

Why it matters: Beyond: Two Souls is an ambitious project, as is everything that David Cage creates.

The game will deal with strong emotions and a limited cast and that allows the team to create a game that comes as close as possible to natural movement and real life.

As Heavy Rain before it, Beyond: Two Souls is a niche game, but a minority of gamers will be eager to see what Quantic Dream can deliver using the evolving technology of the PlayStation platform.

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