InXile Is Crowdsourcing Wasteland 2 3D Models

Anyone can use Unity in order to create assets for the game

Developer inXile is calling all interested 3D model creators to contribute to its upcoming Wasteland 2 as the company basically outsourced the creation of game assets.

The team will offer 3D art concepts on the official forums regularly and anyone with artistic vision and talent will be able to use a free version of Unity to turn them into 3D reality.

The most important advice from inXile is to introduce “some exaggeration of proportion and scale, both in the geometry and in the texturing,” to make sure that the created assets look good from a fixed perspective.

The developer also says, “Our goal here is not to make the next photo-real FPS, but rather, an installment in the Wasteland universe. It should have a modicum of style, without being too over the top or obnoxious.”

Wasteland 2 is set to launch during late 2013.

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