Impact Not Noise Will Determine Next-Gen Winner, Says Microsoft Insider

The new Sony device might be revealed in late February

A source inside Microsoft claims that despite the recent noise made by Sony about a late February reveal for the PlayStation 4, next-generation consoles should not be overvalued because the winner of the coming hardware war will be determined on sales impact, not on publicity.

A Microsoft insider is quoted by CVG as saying, “Victory will go not to those who make the most noise, but those who make the most impact.”

He adds, “the war won’t be won by producing the most powerful system.”

Sony has been suggesting that it will show off the PS4, which is codenamed Orbis, at an event in New York City that will take place on February 20.

Microsoft is also rumored to reveal codename Durango before E3 2013 and launch the device before the end of the year.

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