IGF Finalist Antichamber Launched via Steam on January 31

The game relies on non-Euclidian geometry and puzzles

Independent video game developer Alexander Bruce announces that Antichamber, his combination of exploration and psychological thriller, will be launched using the Steam digital distribution platform on January 31 on the PC.

The game has received over 25 awards since it was first shown publicly and was backed by the IndieFund.

Alexander Bruce says, “Creating Antichamber was a journey that took me around the world and deep within myself, through an emotional rollercoaster with the highs of award ceremonies and the lows of going a little bit insane.”

Antichamber promises to deliver hundreds of puzzles for the player to solve, all of them set in a new world which uses non-Euclidean geometry, employing a gun that can create, manipulate and destroy matter.

The experience forces players to rethink everything they know about games in order to succeed.

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