I Am Alive Gets New Steam Update

Gamers can now use a console controller in the game

Survival themed video game I Am Alive has a patch available on digital distribution service Steam, designed mainly to improve the game experience and add support for the wireless controller for the Xbox 360 home console.

The list of bug fixes includes: a new validation system designed to check out video hardware and warn the player about potential issues, a resizable window, a tweak for the bloom effects designed to work better with bright areas and better remapping for AZERTY keyboards.

The developer at Ubisoft also acknowledge that using a long patch name for the I Am Alive installation might generate crashes and suggest keeping total length under 50 characters.

Those who cannot get the wireless Xbox 360 pad to work need to delete both profile.sav and game.sav in order to get the game to recognize it, but they will lose all game progress.

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