Hotline Miami Sequel Is Already in Development

The developer is deciding what the soundtrack will include

Jonatan Soderstrom, aka Cactus, says that he is already working on a full-blown sequel to his surprise hit Hotline Miami.

On his official Twitter account, the developer stated, “Working while listening to the sweet tunes of a preliminary Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack that we’ve put together during the weekend.”

He added, “Last time we had nine different musicians doing the soundtrack. Looks like a couple of them might do more tracks for the sequel, but we’ve been looking at some other bands as well. Want to keep it fresh.”

The sequel is currently in pre-production and the developer has not offered any details on the mechanics or the story.

Hotline Miami is a top down shooter, which asks the player to use quick reflexes and solid plans in order to clear rooms filled with enemies.

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