Hotline Miami Has Exclusive Features on PS3, PS Vita

The violent brawler features a lock-on targeting system and online co-op

The upcoming release of Hotline Miami for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms includes an array of exclusive features for the two consoles, including a lock-on targeting system or a cooperative mode.

Hotline Miami is set to appear this spring for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita platform, after coming out last year on the PC platform.

The hectic brawler will arrive with quite a few special features on the PlayStation platforms, at least according to developer Abstraction Games, who talked with Gamekult about the title.

Hotline Miami will boast a lock-on targeting system to help deal with specific enemies, as well as a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Thanks also to the Cross-Buy and Cross-Play mechanics, owners of Hotline Miami can play on any platform and with owners of both the PS3 or the PS Vita consoles.

More details about the game, including a release date, should appear in the near future.

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