Homefront 2 Can Save THQ, Believes Crytek Leader

The game is as important as the Saints Row franchise

Cevat Yerli, the leader of developer Crytek, believes that the coming Homefront 2 will be one of the core games for publisher THQ and that it will help turn around the fortunes of the company.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun he says, “But we have hopes that THQ is going to turn around, and Homefront 2 is a very big part of that turnaround. I would say it’s probably the most important project, actually. I would say it’s the IP that’s most relevant along with Saints Row. Those two are pretty much THQ’s flagship.”

Homefront 2 was greenlit by THQ, despite skepticism from the community and Crytek wants to take the main core ideas of the first game and then refine the gameplay.

Until Homefront 2, Crytek has to ship Crysis 3 in late February on home consoles and the PC.

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