Hitman: Absolution Patch Fixes Negative Score Bug

Some crashes have also been eliminated along with other bugs

Developer IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix are fixing the negative score problems that have been affecting their recently launched Hitman: Absolution via a new patch, which also eliminates a number of other problems with the game.

The first patch for the game is labeled 1.0.438.0 and will be automatically applied on the PC once the player starts Steam again.

The bad news is that, while no more new negative scores will be registered in Hitman: Absolution, the players will need to generate new scores for those levels in order to erase those who already exist.

The patch also makes sure that Sniper Challenge Unlocks are carried into the game, although some North American game buyers will need to contact Gamestop in order to get the required unlock key.

IO Interactive has also fixed Hitman: Absolution game crashes on a number of configurations and a number of localization problems have also been addressed.

The full patch notes are offered on Steam.

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